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Please note for this program:

  • You need Internet Explorer Version 5 or higher installed on your computer  or AOL 5 - download it FREE HERE -
  • This program will work on Internet Explorer for Windows and Mac computers..
  • You must access this page from an INTERNET EXPLORER browser only - do not use Netscape.
  • When you click on the button below a new window will open AND you will be PROMPTED to :
    1 - "Open This File from It's Current location" -- ONLY CHOOSE THIS OPTION.

    2 - "Save This File To Disk "-- DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION.
  • IF you DO NOT receive the prompt above in RED , then close the new window that opened and re-try clicking the button.
  • If you still do not get the prompt, close your browser and re-visit this page to RE-TRY.
  • If you attempt to try the program and DO NOT receive the above 2 prompts - the program will NOT WORK correctly.

Enter Group  and EMAIL ADDRESS:


[click the button - DO NOT hit ENTER]

After clicking on the link above a NEW window should open
[without normal "Internet Explorer" title bars, and controls].

  • It may take 2-3 minutes to Load...depending on the speed of your Internet Connection.
  • This is an APPLICATION ONLINE, NOT A webpage or JAVA.
  • If it's does NOT open correctly, or program does not work correctly - close down Internet Explorer and re-try...